Superior Quality Creature Costumes & Fursuits.



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Experienced construction. Built to last.


Every project is designed and constructed by Deanna 'Beetlecat' Petro


Deanna is a sculptural artist with over 10 years of professional art experience and an unmatched semi-realistic style of fursuit construction. 

Ajani the Jackal nearing completion

Ajani the Jackal nearing completion

Jellesin during the foaming stage

Jellesin during the foaming stage

Feet are realistic and durable. They are entirely made by hand from the inner lining to the claws. Feet slip on like a slipper but will not fall off even under energetic performance. Each pair is individually sized to fit the wearer exactly.

Hands are available in many different styles; from large paws with realistic rubber paw pads, to thin dexterous gloves with simple sewn-on pads.

Heads start out as a hand-sculpted solid clay sculpture. This design is molded in silicone and the final (wearable) head form is cast from resin. An internal armature is added so the head can be worn and the jaw can be opened/closed.

Vision is usually through mesh near the eyes (not through the eyes themselves), through the mouth, or under the chin.

The glass eyes are painted (and eyelids hand-sculpted over them for the correct expression) then the final shape is created by carving/gluing/adding flexible foam to the base structure.

Once the basic head structure is complete, the fur and other details are added. 

Each bodysuit is tailored to fit snug and comfortable via the use of a body-double duct tape dummy. All body paddings and details are individually drafted and designed.

 Costumes are made from faux fur fabrics (horns are cast replicas) and only all new materials (foams, stuffing, etc) are used in the construction.