Deanna 'Beetlecat' Petro

Owner & Artist

Originally founding 'Beetlecat Originals' in 2002 to sell art professionally, I have been creating custom-designed fursuit-styled animal mascot costumes since 2005 and professionally since 2007.

I can be considered to have a strong semi-realistic/idealized-realistic style of costume building. I pattern my fursuits after real animals; reinterpreting realism in order to create clean, expressive fursuits. Not limited to just foam and fur, I will use a variety of sculptural materials (including felt, fleece, rubber, silicone, clay, and more) to create a personal one-of-a-kind character. My years of costume experience, innovative practices, and personal style make my costumes distinctive and recognizable.

In addition to the costumes, I am also well-known for my realistic costume ears and tails; of wolves, cats, foxes and more. These are often worn for character cosplay and halloween costumes, as a unique fashion statement for every day wear, and/or as a visible expression of personal spiritual meaning.

Happy customers are always my ultimate artistic goal :)

Happy customers are always my ultimate artistic goal :)